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Re: Homework

> *  S.O.c claims and audi facts:
> *  26psi in 2nd thru 5th
> *  2.5 bar PT
> *  16+psi in 1st gear
> *  .5 PD accross modded IC
> *  Audi --> RS2 gets 310hp @ 460CFM
> *  1325 EGT
> *  Audi --> MC motor = 134ci
> The homework would be
> A) How does a 134ci motor flow 513CFM in 10v trim?  Can it?
> B)  Why such a large PR?  I thought Density Ratio was more the goal?
Let me snip the best part of Randall's reply:
<< ...Maybe we ought to find a dyno and test it >>
Great idea Randall, that IS a cailbration, can I assume then, that the car
doesn't have a torsen center diff?  Might not be so easy to do this
calibration tho, hard to take advantage of all that IC efficiency.   I think
we need to figure how one gets 513CFM into a 134ci motor first. 2.79PR from a
2.50PT computer might be next.  Thanks for the reply.  Anyone else?