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Re: quattro-digest V4 #1277

On 10/27/97 Huw Powell writes:

>>>>original information long gone, echoing banter <SNIPPED>!
>could you folks cool it?  When Eric and Scott get into it, if no one else
>in it would end in days instead of weeks.
>Sorry, I just hate these little wars.

As a long time lurker, I have chosen this topic to make my first
contribution to the list.  Huw, and a few others, have made recent posts
taking Randall, Scott and Eric to task for the tone of their posts.  I
completely disagree for two reasons.  The first reason is that I find these
little skirmishes to be immensely entertaining.  They add spice and
character to the list.  Moreover, I would suggest that if a member does not
like the tone of the post they should hit the delete button on their
keyboard rather than complain (I will put on my censor hat and say the
previous line certainly is my own opinion and that although I am a huge
proponent of free speech, it may not apply to situations involving race,
sex, sexual orientation, religion, etc.)

The second reason is that it seems to me that the QList serves an important
and valuable function as a forum (unlike AudiCar).  As such, its lifeblood
is the discussion of valuable Audi-related information.  IMHO (hey I'm
getting the hang of this:>)), it is very important for knowledgable members
to challenge claims, explain misconceptions and shatter myths.  Without
input from the likes of Scott and Eric and a handfull of others, this list
would quickly turn into a collection of self-congratulatory posts about our
own cars and discussions about Audi commercials...Yawn :>).

Now let me remove my censor hat and replace it with my "trier of fact" robe
and say that it appears to me that Scott has grabbed the high ground
(sarcastic high ground) on this thread and that Randall and Eric have
resorted to personal insults and slams (admittedly mild ones).  I am sure
that the roles have been reversed in prior topics.  However, in this thread
it seems that Scott is the only one who has offered the list objective
evidence and objective reasoning behind his numbers.  Is he arrogant - damn
right.  Is Eric arrogant - damn right.  So what.  For now my money is on a
horse named QSHIPQ.  Eric may deliver a post which crushes Scott's
arguments - then I will head to the teller window again.  Likewise, on
future topics Eric may have the high ground (objective evidence, logical
argument, etc.).  In either case, IMO the Qlist wins and as a member/lurker
I applaud all parties involved.

Matt Pfeffer
89 200TQW

P.S. This is my first post to this or any list.  My apologies in advance if
I messed it up.