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Bomb Drining

Ed wrote:
> Picked up on recent posts about flushing Pentosin and fixing
warnings.  Here's my experience...

> Wasn't sure which "return" line to unhook.  Looked in Bentley,
> surmised from comment about jacking car up and diagrams in 
> Bentley that the hose from the pump to the bomb was the one.  
> I disconnected that one and got about two drips.

Ed, sorry about any confusion.  The hose in question comes out of the 
bottom of the reservoir and goes to the rear end of the bomb.  It is 
the ONLY one which is held on using a hose clamp at the bomb.  This 
is a good clue that it's not a high-pressure connection.

When this is removed at the bomb's end, gravity takes over and drains 
the reservoir - usually all over the sub-frame and the ground.  Have 
kitty litter ready.

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