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Re: Audi 80 5+5 engine probs

 # Thanks for all the feedback but the only problem is my car has a 3 speed
 # auto (unfortunately very few were fitted with a  5 speed manual for this
 # model here in Australia). Maybe it stands for 5 inlet valves + 5 outlet
 # valves ??

... is that right?!  I'm surprised they called it a 5+5 then!  Kinda 
reminds me of the Oldsmobile 442 here in the states.  One of the 4's 
originally was a four speed manual gearbox.  
 # Actually I was thinking of upgrading to a five speed gear box. I was quoted
 # $400 + my auto gearbox to have the job done. Does this sound reasonable ??
 # How hard would it be to do the change over myself ?? I could probably save a
 # fair bit of money but would it be worth all the trouble ??
... get the job done and do away with your slushbox for $400?  I don't 
know what the exchange rate is for US$, but I'm going to start looking 
into shipping rates to/from down under ... ;-)

If you really want to convert to a manual that sounds like a great price.
The guy is going to need to replace the tranny, half shafts and shift 
linkage for that $400.

Good luck!

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)
... where the labor alone to do the job would be over $400!