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Re: Claims vs. Claims - getting them straight

> >From them I extrapolated only the basics to the claims in accepted engine and
> turbo theories, math and physics.  Maybe you can explain how 513CFM goes thru
> an MC motor.  Or how you control boost to 2.79PR with a 2.5 bar PT box with a
> stock spring?  Accepting the usual 1.5 factor for airflow, 342 hp? It seems
> to apply well to the audi motor cuz the RS2 is really close 460CFM/1.5 = 306,
> so is the claim 342hp or something else?  

Hmmm.  Let's apply some of that to the stock configuration.

1.43 PR, 162 hp.

1.5 for airflow gives 240 CFM, or 170 CFM for 1.0 bar.  Now Eric's
2.8 PR gives us 470 CFM - pretty close to that RS2 figure which would
indicate to me that the performance ain't going to be much different
to the RS2.

BTW, what VE and RPM are you using to get the 513 CFM figure?
Given the stock numbers, I think you may want to reduce the VE.

And finally, to get 2.8 with a 2.5 pressure transducer... well,
I guess the fuel pump cutoff must be disabled.  Living dangerously...