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RE: 4ks OXS-system connector problem?

If I understand what you're describing correctly, you'll find no
matching connector.
That is a test tap, used to read the duty cycle (dwell?) of the OXS
sensor.  This
connector provides a means to set fuel mixture, usually set in
conjunction with
ignition timing...


Stott Hare
Application Developer
Policy Administration Team


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> Subject:	4ks OXS-system connector problem?
> Hi all,
> So, I'm just starting to get a chance to poke around the motor of last
> month's
> '86 4ks acquisition to cure my horrible part-throttle stumble.  Also,
> now that
> its cool (50-60F) I have to wait at least a full minute before I can
> drive
> off.
> If I feed it _any_ throttle, it will stumble and/or die.  Just won't
> rev above
> idle at all.  It does however start and idle perfectly.  Seems to be
> going
> very
> lean, I'd guess.  
> Anyway, my initial poking around revealed a connecter near the intake
> boot 
> that wasn't connected to anything, but was broken and corroded.  At
> first I 
> was sure I'd found the problem, but I then realized I could find
> absolutely 
> nothing to plug it into.  I pulled out my newly acquired, but as yet
> unread
> Bentley and believe I have identified the connector as T2A.  Its a two
> pin
> white plastic sort of Molex looking afair.  That, its location near
> the intake
> boot, and the wires coming out of it (G/R & B/R, with one of them
> actually
> being a pair, can't recall which) is how I identified it.  If I'm
> right, both
> go back to the main ECU, but the dual-wired terminal pigtails back to
> something
> called an idle stabilizer valve.  
> I'm not familiar yet with the wiring diagaram conventions in the
> manual
> (like, of what use are track numbers and what about those numbers that
> go
> across the bottom of the pages, sequentially?) but it appears that
> maybe
> this connector is supposed to be unattached.  Might also be that it
> goes to 
> a connector on another page I haven't found yet and I'm just not
> interpreting
> the diagrams right yet.
> I'd be mucho appreciative of any help specific to this connector, its
> relevance
> to my problem, or on Bentley wiring diagram interpretation in general.
> Thanks bunches.
> regards
> roger
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