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Re: Torque Wrench question...

>The Bentley manual advises using a beam-type vs. click type torque
>wrench for a number of engine assembly applications.  In fact, it warns
>that a click type wrench might cause damage.  Does anyone have
>experience with this, or understand the logic of the warning?  I really
>don't want to buy new torque wrenches...

Beam type wrenches typically are more accurate than click wrenches, which
after heavy use, the clicking mechanism tends to wear down hence its
inaccuracies over time.

I've been building engines for years (with friends), and have both style
wrenches, but I use the click style more often because I feel its faster -
audible noise is much easier than reading the guage on the beam style wrench.

If you buy your Torque wrench from Sears or Home Depot (Husky Brand) they
both have a lifetime warranty, and after a lot of use (5 years?) you can
have it replaced free of charge, thus the inaccuracies go away.
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