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really puzzled

I hope some of you remember the problem that had me stumped
earlier.  87 1.8 4cyl, started with a single flip of the key, first 
time everytime.  Ran good until it warmed up then it would start to 
flood itself out.  

With the help of the list, we found that disconnecting the temp 
sensor on the bottom of the neck going into the engine, and shorting 
the two wires together stopped the flooding.  With these wires 
shorted together the car started fine, and ran good both cold and 
warm (gas mileage also came back to what it used to be).  

Well now that it is getting cold out, the car will not idle when 
first started.  The car starts as soon as you turn the key, runs for 
a couple of seconds and dies.  So we finally replaced the suspect
temp sensor.  Now the car runs really bad, as soon as you start it, 
it starts to flood itself.  Pull the connector off and short the 
wires again, and it runs fine. 

Any thoughts on what could be wrong, or words of wisdom, will be 
greatly appreciated.