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Guage faces - 86-88 tq

All right sports fans, we are now within 1 order of having 25 sets. For
those interested, I will spring for a second set - I know someone will
eventually want one, or I'll set it during one of my Sunday email garage
sales. For those of you ordering, I will send out an email confirming this
order in a few days. Please make a final decision now. I can't afford to
have a bunch of people back out suddenly.

My next plan is to email NRAuto asking them how they want to do this wrt
billing, shipping, etc. I will send their response out to each person
ordering. My preference would be to send in the guage faces and then have
everyone mail checks/call in credit cards to them - but I'll take the money
if I have to. They do also advertise in European Car, so I don't feel we're
dealing with a fly by night operation.

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