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Re: seat heater (& mystery box)

Problem (rear seat heaters) is solved! Cause: combination of numbskull
(mine) and numbutts (my passengers).

First, I wasn't aware that the rear heaters were operated only by the
_passenger_ side control. So some of my "tests" were invalid.

Second, I _now_ realize that in very cooool weather it takes at least 3 or
4 minutes to get a good effect from these tush-toasters. Do the rear seats
in fact take even a lil' bit longer than fronts?

Heck, I didn't even know that Audi had "butt-sensors" (bumm-sensors to our
British contingent) to keep unoccupied seats from being heated. So, more
invalid tests! Actually, I had been wondering how Audi could overlook that
bit of complexity, er... Technik. Naturally, they _hadn't_!

So all is well, once more. Thanks to all who replied and led me to explore
beneath the rear seat and thus to see more wires, vacuum hoses and
controllers than is good for my peace of mind.

BTW, there is a black box (controller?) just inside the right end of the
rear seat--outboard of the battery. It doesn't show up in the Bentley
controller- layout diagram. Whazzit?


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