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Re: weird Hazzards

> The hazzard lights on my '86 kcsq very bizzare.  When I first turned them on,
> the dash light would come on (but not flash) and no outside lights would come
> on at all.  I tore the instruments out to fix the odometer, and when I
> reassembled them, the hazzards worked fine...  for a day!  Now when I turn them
> on only the drivers side lights flash.  If I simultaneously turn on the right
> turn signal, all lights flash!  Also, the hazzard button is not illuminated.  I
> do not know if it is supposed to illuminate, but the buttons below it do...

Let's see, I've just wired one of your switches into my 82 coupe and had it apart,
so temporarily I have a fair intimacy with that circuit.  The top side of the
switch has a big terminal and a row of little ones (#2 - 5?).  This is what joins
the left and right signals and the dashboard indicator together when using
hazards.  Sounds like you've either lost a wire, melted (unlikely) the connector,
or (most likely?) your switch is dirted up inside.

The light doesn't work because it's probably blown.  RS p/n 272 1092 or 272 1154
will replace it fine.  I colored mine with a reed magic marker to get the color

The switch can be removed from the front for this, no need (hopefully) to further
dismantle your dashboard.  The front, lever/control part pops right off, just pry
it around the four pins, two pivots and two sort of motion guides.  Don't do it if
the switch just came in from freezing temps - at room temp it seems easy.  There is
one little bit that could fall out and get lost - the spring and roller bearing
that gives you the click stop.  If you're nervous at all, disassemble it with your
hands and the switch in a convenient sized clear plastic bag.

You'll have to cut out the old bulb and solder in the new one.  Test it before
reassembling and after, before reinstalling.  It's the two small terminals on the
end (1 & 6?)

While you're in there try cleaning the contacts with very fine emery paper or
such.  In the base of the switch and on the sides of the moving lever.  Then apply
some electrolytic grease to all the contacts and reassemble (test that bulb
again!).  When reinstalling, apply some electrolytic grease to the terminals as

If this doesn't fix it, I'm not sure where to go next.  The 4kq has a three
terminal relay-like device behind the inst. cluster which my car seems to hide
elsewhere (at least, I didn't need it!).

Good luck!

Huw Powell

79,80,81,*82*,83,84,85,86,87,88,97 Coupe "GT" (parts is parts!)