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200 windows work!

Well, perhaps I should say that the *4* windows on my *Audi 200* now work. And, yes, I'm pretty excited about it.

I had decided the door switches were not the problem, since I was still intermittently getting life/no life from the three non-driver windows. Looking at the wiring diagram led me to the auxiliary relay panel and relay #10+11. But it seemed to be working fine. Some quality time with a DMM reveals that I can't catch the relay *not* properly switching on the blue/red wire to power the other three windows. Back to the door switches. Driver's switch has one wire hot, others ground. Other three switches have no wires hot - at least not to the ground in the switches. In actuality, all the wires in these three other switches are hot! But that would mean...a...ground...problem? Back to the wiring diagram. There are a few "welded connection in wiring harness" but that helps me not at all. Then, ground junction Q12 says "behind left dash." Well hey, I've already got that apart playing with the relay panel. There is one ground connection there, ok, three wires. Continuity between this connection and the switch ground. And before, when I checked continuity between the switch grounds and a real metal-piece-of-the-dash ground, the relay clicked on (trying to keep the driver's switch lighted, screwdriver holding in the door-open switch). Cha-ching, where's my 10mm wrench... Loosen, wiggle, there is some grease on that connection, you wouldn't think it's bad, tighten again. Hit the driver's window switch one more time and wow, all the window switches light up! Way cool.

Just went back out to see if this fixed my alarm non-arming problem, but no. It's too dark and a bit chilly here now to put the lower dash and armrest back on, so that will be tomorrow's project.

Henry Harper
1991 200 quattro, 79k, watch all four yes count them four windows work
1988 GTI 16v, 173k, don't need no steenkin power windows, sunroof, mirrors, seats, alarm, etc. to break; ok, also no ABS or heated seats