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5000CS Invisible Beeping Warning Lights

To any BTDT's (Been There Done That's),

   Everything electrical works perfectly on my 87 5000CS Turbo Automatic 
FWD with 174,000 miles except for one strange thing.  When the car is 
parked with the ignition turned on but the car has NOT been started, if 
I press the "Check" button on the computer the warning lights appear and 
do their thing, cycling through all the various icons.  However, when I 
actually start the car I never see any icons (except when the gas get 
low so I suppose they all work but just aren't cycling on start-up) but 
I do hear what I believe are the correct beeps.  There's one beep 
immediately upon start-up then another the first time I apply the brakes 
after I've driven the car about 3/10ths of a mile to my first stop sign.  
I don't hear the second beep when I press the brakes in the driveway, 
only after I've travelling that first 3/10th or so of a mile.  None of 
this really bothers me but it is strange, I think, and curiosity has 
finally gotten the better of me that I feel like posting it.

   By the way, here a some other minor things wrong with the car:

   I get the "Velvet Fog" in my car when the Econo heat is going after a 
rainy night.  Whole inside just becomes a swamp unless I run the Defog 
and the compressor is going.  But, upon going back to Econo at any time 
I will get the swamp.  Usually I run it full blast until everything has 
finally evaporated and I wait until the next rain.

   A fair amount of front-end clunking which I'm not sure what to do 
about it first (shock on have 40,000 miles on them and tie rods are all 

   Broken driver's heated seat.

   And a fair amount of vibration upon accelerating, which isn't the 
CV's or, apparently, and engine or tranny mounts.

   Well, I'll be heading to the DC even November 1st at the Pentagon 
parking lot around noon.  Hope to see some of you there.  I'm making 
plans to meet up with at least one other guy with same car and we'll be 
following each other there.  Should be fun (weather permitting).  

David SMith
Annapolis, MD
87 5000CST

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