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Leather seat cover replacement options

The predicament with my vandalized '92 100S continues. The upper and lower
leather seat covers need replacing. New from Audi, seat bottoms are about
$800 a piece, and seat backs about $850 a piece (Awaiting prices from
Carlsen, but don't think they will be much less). My insurance adjuster told
me to go to a local trim shop who will recover the front seats at about $1100
a seat. I went there today, and the brands of leather he uses are much softer
than that in my car, and he really did not have a color that matches exactly.
The guy at the trim shop said he could get OE leather from the suppliers for
Mecedes, BMW, Volvo, etc, but not for Audi. Upon further calling to a couple
of other shops, they basically told me that the only exact match was to get
the covers from the dealer. So here's the question. Does anyone know of
anywhere to get some used covers from? My interior color code is HD, which 
is a tan colored leather. I really appreciate any ideas.

'92 100S (66k)