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Re: red fuseholder under rear seat

At 10:14 PM 10/28/97 -0500, you wrote:

>The Qlist is psychically powered! I was _just_ about to post a question
>about the purpose of a 10 amp fuse in a red wire/holder mounted on the
>backside of the battery clamp, under the rear seat. You say it's for power
>to the "antenna and rear crossover". You're referring to a power antenna,
>which my '91 200q does not have. What's the "crossover" (sounds radio
>speaker-related)? I guess I've learned to be unsurprised that a fuse would
>be there although it may serve no purpose. But does it?

The pre-Bose crowd have a 10 speaker system with a rear amp that
incorporates crossovers in it and an antenna booster.
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