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Re: Stock boost

Johann said:

>I bought an 87 5KTQ about two months ago and have been loving it.  I bought
>it while summer was still with us.  At that time the boost read 1.2 at max
>accel.  This past week's cold spell affected performance a little at low
>RPM's, but the max boost would only reach 1.0.  Today at about 60 degrees F
>it read 1.1 max.  Is this normal to outside temps or is it indicative of
>problem?  I know the dash indicator for boost is not perfect, but would
>it would at least read consistently.
I have had an 86 5ktqw for a few years now and have noticed similar
fluctuations. In my case a stock MC turbo engine, has readings of up to 1.4
in the Summer months but rarely over 1.2 in the Winter.  However, I always
attributed it  to the ambient pressure not the temperature.  Any takers?


86 5ktqw