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RE: snow tires


You'll find that the Blizzak's special "ice" compound makes it one of
the best unstudded tires for driving on *ice*.  On snow they're nothing
particularly special (and probably lose to high-quality dedicated snows
like Nokian Hakkas), and on dry they tend to be squirmy rather than
grippy, based on a number of first-hand experiences both on this list
and elsewhere on the 'net.  

Finally, the ice compound is only used for the first 50% of the tread --
the remainder is standard all-season stuff, making the tires lose their
only real advantage at half life.

Unless you like the idea of driving your A4 around in the summer one
Blizzaks (I don't), go with a different tire.  If you're in an area that
gets frequent heavy snow, get something like the Nokian Hakkas or the
Gislaveds.  If you get relatively less snow and you would like to get
excellent dry performance, the best choices are probably the Pirelli
Winter 210A and the Michelin XM+S 330H.

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'97 A4 1.8T quattro (about to get Winter 210As put on)

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> I've purchased a 98 A4 2.8 (and love it). After some
> research on the Internet it seems that Blizzaks come out on
> top in all the comparisons. Any comments appreciated.