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Re: ALL Season Tires????

Hairy green toads from Mars made J Kurt Bonk say:

> I find  my 88 90q is very soft, (ex. BMW owner)  I would like to put a
> good all season tire on my car to limit the "soft" feel of the stock
> suspension, ad to that soft sidewalls of snow tires, and I would hate
> this car.  I am looking at a P600m+s, anyone out there have any comments
> about all season tread? which they have used and liked? My personal call
> for snows are the ALPIN, if they can keep a 2002 driving in snow,
> without 150 lbs of kitty litter in the trunk, a quattro could mount a
> plow on its nose with them. : )

I didn't think anything could keep a 2002 going in the snow. Of course,
my experience is with the tii's. Maybe the few extra HP does it....

Anyway, skip the Squarellis. If you want a good all-season tire,
for the 90 I highly recommend the BFG Touring T/A. Have them on my
90Q20V. Cheaped out two years ago and got something else (Dunlop
D60A2) for both cars; astonishingly mediocre. Have since replaced
them on the 90 with the Touring T/A and it's night and day. For
the 100/200s, which are bigger and heavier, I use the BFG Comp
T/A VR4.

BTW, both of these cars drive these tires year round in hill country
in NH. My 100Q is the ski-mobile for the family, and I don't use snows
on it. The Comp T/A's work just fine.


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