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Koni shocks for 1990 Audi Turbo (200 Turbo Front-WD)


I'm thinking of getting Koni adjustable shocks for a 1990 Audi Turbo
(South African version of the 200T, 5-cyl 2.2l turbo front-wheel
drive automatic). I just got quoted US$1000 for the shocks and
the lower kit (30mm lowering front and rear). When speaking to the
supplier we had some difficulty finding a match for the vehicle.
I've seen some posts to this list from people who have fitted
adjustable (on car) Koni shocks. Could those people who have these
shocks on a 200T from 1990 (shape just before A6 shape came out)
please let me know the part numbers for those shocks so that I can
get a proper match with my supplier? Also, does anybody have the
Koni lowering kit for the 200T (Audi Turbo)? We had to match against
a 100 and a Avant since the Koni catalogue lists mostly for the
A6 and doesn't even list the rear parts for the 200T. When we did
find a near match it turned out to be discontiued. :)

And, also, just BTW, what does the complete kit sell for usually? I
feel this US$1000 has a lot of markup on it.



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