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Tried the wastegate bypass

Last night I tried the wastegate bypass trick. I put a tee in the line
leading to the bottom of the wastegate and ran the smaller line up to the
top side. It doesn't work very well. Full boost comes on too early and
full throttle is not very usable. Just too much boost at too low a speed.
I hit 2.0 bar (the limit of the computer) and immediately had knock. I've
concluded that 1.8 bar is the practical limit of the engine. I th9ink an
adjustable valve resticting the bottom side of the wg would work better
because I could dial up power5 dynamically on the highway instead of
getting it through all of the slushbox's gears. Until I blew the hose
leading to my dump valve, the amount of power I had was absolutely
ridiculous. Overpowers the tires and suspension. I've never been in a
sports car that had that kind of kick. It was cool. For my engine, what
are the boost limits of TAP's and IA'S chips?
'84  5ksT 1.8 bar