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ABT Suspension for sale

I've got a suspension from my old TQ that I wanna get rid of.  It's an
ABT suspension (ABT springs) with Koni Red's (adjustable) rear shocks &
Tokico front struts.  The springs lower the car like 26mm, I think...  A
little over an inch anyhow.  New, this stuff is around $1,500 so I guess
$750 is a fair price to ask.  They were on the car for less than a year
before I junked the thing.  I'm gonna try to get new front struts out of
Tokico (lifetime warranty, gotta love it) but don't want to promise
that.  Nothing wrong with 'em, just be nice to have new struts.  This
will fit any 5000/100/200 from '84 thru 90.  I've been told the ABT
springs will also fit the S4's, but I don't know for sure.  More than
happy to give the part numbers to anyone who wants to check.