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Re: Torque Wrench question...

>I was just at Sears and it appears there is only a one-year warranty on
>their click type, but they will recalabrate for free for a specific time
>(don't remember how long).  Bought the beam type anyway as the only way
>I've found to wreck them is to lose/misplace it.

Yes, Dan had also correct me on this.  My Sears Torque Wrench is quite old,
though I still have the "lifetime warrenty" box.  Obviously somewhere
between 1981 and yesterday, they changed their policy.

Probably too many people returned their torque "hammers" for repair <smile>.

>By the way, how do you know when a torque wrench stops working properly?

Being totally broke is easy to see... if you are tightening bolts slowly,
you can feel approximately how much pressure you are applying.  If you try
to tighten the same bolt, it will either slip internally or not click
right.  I haven't broken one yet.  I hope it stays that way.

Frederic Breitwieser
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