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Re: N/A v. Turbo heads...(nuclear powered Audis)

In a message dated 97-10-28 19:48:34 EST, hah@srv.net writes:

<< As for low-pressure water - does a boiling-water reactor sound like 
 something you'd like to visit? >>

   Now this is getting interesting,  I Have seen both types of reactors that
are (or were) being used in the USA.  HTGR-Hight Temp Gas cooled Reactor, and
the tried and true BWR-Boiling Water Reactor.  Both of them have  provided a
nice home for me on occasion.*  I actually favor the BWR,  it required more
maintanience which
in effect = mo money !   If it hadn't been for good 'ol Nuclear power, I
woulda never been able to afford my AUDI !

*As long as you all remember that the proton/neutron ration is somewhat of an
oversimplification of the intranuclear configurations that determine the
stability of an atom, you'll all be fine.