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Re: Help...I did it now!


> I bought the 1991 200TQ 20v w/ 76k miles, new tires,
timing belt, pearl, body
> very good (one small dent), inter perfect. <snip>
> 1 hour after driving away (having signed all papers etc
etc), the steering
> became very tight, hard to control,
unpredictable...AND...as we were rolling
> back to the dealer to pick up the car I left there (my
original vehicle), the
> red brake light came on, followed within 3 mins by the
brakes failing.  

Sounds like you lost hydraulic pressure in the infamous
Audi power steering/brake system. This would have made the
steering very difficult without the power assist and this
would also make the brakes feel less effective due to
having to push very hard on the pedal without any power
brake assist. 

Not really a big deal as long as the dealer agrees to make
the repair. 

This loss of pressure could be due to something simple like
a leak in one of the many hydraulic hoses which allowed the
Pentosin mineral oil to spill out. Or this could be from
the Power steering pump belt breaking, or the Power
Steering pump could have failed as well. The steering rack
could also be the source of the leak. There is a pressure
accumulator (called the bomb, on this list) that holds
pressure in the system for awhile in case of the above
mentioned failures, you should have this checked as well,
they cost around $300 for the part. Normally with a good
pressure accumulator you can pump the brake pedal ~30 times
with the engine off before you lose power brake assist.
Sounds like if your steering went stiff first and then the
brakes got difficult the bomb was doing something to hold
pressure in the system for a short time. Some of the above
repairs can get costly very quickly, so if you do decide to
keep the car, make sure they fix all the leaks etc before
taking back the car.
> Yes, I made the cardinal blunder by trusting these people
at the dealership.
> This is a large and reputable (for now...?) dealer here
in Denver and a
> friend's Father is the salesman.  I know, I know.

Well, most of the time, dealers will repair the minimum
number of things (safety items) on a used car to be able to
sell it, they usually put new brakes on the cars, and make
sure the tires are in good shape. Sounds like they
overlooked a problem which compromised the safety of the
vehicle somewhat.
> I am now going to try and cancel the deal.  The vehicle
was unsafe when they
> sold it to me.  We could have been seriously injured.  I
have signed all the
> papers, however, these serious malfunctions occurred
within 1 hour of leaving
> their lot and they had the car back within 2 hours of my
buying it.  

Well, these things happen, I doubt they sold it knowing it
was unsafe and were waiting for it to fail as you drove it
off the lot. 
> Anyway...sorry this is so long...this has potential to be
a huge nightmare.
>  I would think that the dealership will take this car
back rather than risk
> their reputation.  I am prepared to do whatever it takes
to NOT take this
> car.  I paid $16k for the damn thing too!  I am losing
sleep over this #%$@%$
> thing...

Don't lose any sleep over it, just see if they will fix it
and then enjoy your new Audi, you may be over reacting a
bit here. Don't throw the baby out with the bath water.

Scott M.