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RE: mystery boxes

On Wednesday, October 29, 1997 6:13 AM, Alan Breitman 
[SMTP:abreitman@allaire.com] wrote:
> > >BTW, there is a black box (controller?) just inside the right end of
> > the
> > >rear seat--outboard of the battery. It doesn't show up in the Bentley
> > >controller- layout diagram. Whazzit?
> >
> > I firmly believe that that whatzit is the bi-pressure pump for the
> > central locking system - see the central-locking troubleshooting
> > section.
> Would it be possible to tap into the bi-pressure pump to install remote
> keyless entry in lieu of an seperate actuator in the door?
That would seem to be the ideal place, the battery's right there, you just need 
a little receiver with a couple relay contacts and some mildly creative wiring. 
And, of course, a matching frequency-agile keyfob transmitter. :)
> > Does it seem to anyone else that a lot of the 20v 200q's are changing
> > hands recently, or is that just me?
> Yes is does.  Does anyone (Linus?) have a count as to how many listers
> drive the 20v 200q?
That's what he says he's doing, anyway. Out of the 1000 (+200 avants) 20v 
200q's imported, it would be interesting to know what percentage are q-list 
represented. Seems to be rather a lot.
> Alan Breitman
> 91 200q Hoppen Chip

Henry Harper
1991 200 quattro, some toys in the mail but not here yet :(
1988 GTI 16v, unchippable (without swapping out the engine room harness, that