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Re: Correcting for 80% VE - just more questions then

>  E)  How does a PT that can control boost to 2.50PR by definition, control
> boost to 2.79PR with a stock WG spring?

Depends on how you define 'control'.  If you mean closed loop, you can't.
However, it could be done as follows:

Set AtoD output of PT at 2.50bar less than 0xFF.  Set desired boost
to 0xFF.  Set WGFV tables to give a WGFV duty cycle in this situation
to that (experimentally determined) which gives the desired PR.
...or maybe 2.79 is what the duty cycle in Eric's computer happens
to give when the PT maxes out.

I wouldn't think this would be too accurate given changing air temps,
but probably similar to using a pressure regulator instead of the