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Re: Blizzaks - Traverse City

On Wed, 29 Oct 1997, Dan Masi wrote:

>> >Are Blizzaks the way to go or are there any better alternatives?

>> I think there are the Hakkas and the Gislav-something or other.
>> Seems like the Yoko Guardex isn't as it's cracked up to be.

>Isn't as good?  Why do you say that?  I have a set on my A4Q,
>and I love 'em.  Not great dry weather performance, but not
>horrible; they fare pretty well with dry winter highway driving.
>I'm happy with them.

ALright. The only one I've tried is the Blizzak. It's decent as long as
the special tread remains, and you're not in hurry to go anywhere.

And I'm also in search of a good set of performance snow tires. So right
now I'm just echoing what I've seen. There are always good and bad posts
regarding each tires. As for the Guardex, it's not that it's "bad." But
what I've seen (rec.autos.*) is that Guardex (in use) wasn't as impressive
as the high-tech it uses would lead one to believe. I think it's about
what you have observed on your set, hmm?

For now, I'm leaning toward the Hakka 1 with or without studs installed.
Has anyone used the Hakka 1's? The main use would be on the highway --
dry, wet snow, fluffy snow, packed snow, and occasional ice. (^: Noise may
be overlooked if the performance is good.

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