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Re: Stock CIS, CONEHEAD discussion

Scott M. wrote:
> As another listmember pointed out once, the I5 fuel
> distributor head is cast from a 6 cylinder unit but has one
> port blocked off.
> May  the air flow be with you.
> Scott M.
> ChipFlippinGipper
	First off let me apoligize for the incorrect e-mail address shown in my
posts that was my fault.now on to better things.
	I had a different fuel dist with 6 ports and had to block one off with
a plug.The car ran very good till a hose blew,the car overheated and now
we are installing a S6 engine and wire harness and computer.But you are
the first person to suggest that maybe another fuel dist may work for
more fuel delivery.Caution must be used here fuel delivery to the engine
is critical.I tried three different air flow meters with the same
modified fuel dist and the one that came with it was the only one with
the correct fuel mixture the others were very lean or very rich.I dont
remember the part numbers and some were un marked.
	Also I agree with you I think we were comparing apples and oranges.But
if I remember correctly when checking the plate movement against the
potieometer the plate still had movement and the volts would stay the
same(4.75 or so).Keep checking and I will look for some of my notes
after all I still owe the list for the FRANCO cam gear info.