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Re: jammer response

hey thanks 
I always wanted to know what the actual fix was for those My dad still has about
2,000 of these jammers the main problem is exactly like you said I am not exactly
sure but if I recall there was a Diode in it that would go after a while I am going
to find out which one exactly but yes this one has the radar detector input to it
for pulse reponse but it was still the push button speed and covered K X KA band
radar I am going to go see if I can grab some out of his pile they never pursude
the problem because of the legality at the time of it's release which believeit or
not was one of the first jammers on the market 
they were selling these through  Jackon Imports in Florida and a few other Exotic
car dealers across the U.S.

I would like to see if I can get these running if you or anyone has knowledge of
the radar circutry I will be happy to send one out to see if they can be fixed or
revamped meanwhile I am going to see if I can take possesion of the Radar Jammer


Take it easy


Nick Ramone
Redwood City California
85 Audi 5000s
87 Audi 4000CS Quattro
Maximum speed electronically limited in U.S. to 130 mph. Obey all traffic laws.
>Further to your comments, I recall the electronic magazines of the day
>(80's) solved the noted problems by:
>1)	Triggering active jamming for a limited time only, as controlled
>by an associated radar detector.
>2)	Selecting % actual speed to be used for jamming instead of
>absolute values.
>Today, you would have to sanitize both IR (LIDAR) and uwave to be safe.

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