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Re: seat upholstery repair

I pulled the seat, stripped off the leather, repaired the break in the
heat wire and took the skin to a "Trim Shop" (the business term) that
does convertible tops and car upholstery.  They replaced the whole bead
with very similar type without the vynyl tube in it.  Color very close
match to my platinum.  Cost me $65 for same day service.  Could have
done it for less, but I was in a hurry.  Watched a guy doing leather
skin replacments for a triumph seats or something of that ilk.  Looks
great and now I have heat back as the Milwaukee weather has turned quite

Phil and Judy Rose wrote:
> Roland,
> I assume the "bead" that you said was repaired is the "cording" that
> follows around the cushion edge (seam)? Tends to split apart on the
> driver's seat cushion (left side bolster)? Were you able to get it fixed
> short of opening the whole seam and replacing the entire cording?? Was it a
> shop repair or DIY?
> Thanks.
> Phil
> '89 100 and '91 200q, which both need upholstery repair
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