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Re: "Radar Scramblers"

Phil Payne wrote:

> In message <> Frederic Breitwieser writes:
> > Also, if you are driving on a major or national road, you will find that on
> > Channel 19, the truckers kindly state "Smokey on the right", "Smokey on the
> > left" quite often, as well as announcing women in convertibles.
> In general, Europeans regard Americans as verbose.  I remember an IBM manual,
> many years ago, refering to "contributive assistance" when it meant "help".
> In the mid-1980s, I landed at Washington Dulles and took a cab out to Tyson's
> Corner.  On the way, we were passed by a police car using its sirens and
> lights.
> The cabbie picked up his microphone and declaimed: "Smokey on Dulles,
> westbound, advertising".
> Brevity is the soul of wit.

Hey man that was caby code. They always make things longer. ;-)

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