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Re: Radio Question

Shane Allen Snyder wrote:
> The radio in my '86 4kcsq does not shut off with the engine.  Is this the way
> it was from the factory?  Also, when I hit bumps, the radio changes stations.
> Any suggestions?
> Thanks...
> --
> *---> Shane Snyder (snyders2@pilot.msu.edu) <---*

In my experience these Blau units ('84 through '86) are notoriously
intermittent in electrical circuitry, have very poor tape transports and
sound terrible. Other than that they are really nice. I have gotten them
to come back to life by opening them up and cleaning all of the
connectors, but your time is probably better spent just getting a better
radio unless you don't mind the channel changing that you mention.
'91 200 tq with Sony sound (That was a fun install)
'86 4kq same old Blue sound.
'84 4k  had Sony sound 'till a local punk liberated it.