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Re: seat heater (& mystery box)

>>BTW, there is a black box (controller?) just inside the right end of
>>rear seat--outboard of the battery. It doesn't show up in the Bentley
>>controller- layout diagram. Whazzit?
>Well, on my 86 5ktqw the rear seats' heaters work great.  There is a large
>control box under the rear seat, but it's on the left side (I'm facing
>forwards).  That box is the "brains"  for the ABS.

well none of my seat heaters work worth a damn, but my 86 tqw also has
its ABS brains under the left rear seat.  and to the right of the
battery is the vacuum motor/controller for the central locking, wrapped
in a big wad of sound absorbing material...


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