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10v turbo power potential...

While waiting for the Imodium to kick in this morning (don't ask what I had
for dinner last night!), I dug out some old car magazines I have and
stumbled across a track test of race-prepared 200q in the January 10th, 1987
issue of Motor...

According to the rules of the French series it was competing in, pretty much
anything was legal with the motor so long as it ran the OEM head and block
castings ... with an 8000rpm redline, it was claimed to put out 550hp at
2bar of boost!  This was used only in qualifying and only then for a lap or
two, then dialed back to 1.8bar for the race itself.  The engine compartment
photo that ran with the article shows a huge KKK turbo (K29?) and what is
clearly a custom-cast intake manifold ... I can't see much of the exhaust
manifold or recognize any of the FI parts, unfortunately.

Even if you discount the claimed 550hp by 20 percent, it's clear that one
way or another, it's possible to get quite a bit of power out of the basic
10v motor ... bet it doesn't come cheaply, though.  ;^)
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