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Bosch terminal identification chart...

After posting the little thing about octane yesterday, I was leafing through
the Bosch Automotive Handbook some more and came upon a chart entitled:

"Terminal Designations"

Where Bosch oh-so-thoughtfully lays out the standardized numbering system for
the electrical terminals that is specified by DIN 72552.  This includes the
numbering conventions on the fuse/relay panel, relays, etc., for things like
current relays, switching relays, alternators, the battery, ancillaries, etc.
 The one in the Handbook is not an exhaustive description so I'll have to
either try to find DIN 72552 somewhere or perhaps get a copy of  Bosch's
"Automotive Electrical Systems" book.  I plan to see today if either are
available from the SAE.  

This should be a great aid for anyone troubleshooting the electrical system
on these cars.  For example, anything labeled 31b is a "return line to
battery negative terminal, or ground via switch or relay (switched

Probably the cognoscenti on the List already know most of this, but for me it
was like finding the Rosetta Stone.

BTW, they also have a nice little description of the (inadequate) US headlamp

"Because there is no shield beneath the light source, the entire reflector
can be used.  However, the lack of a clearly defined light/dark cutoff line
limits visual ranges on the left side of the lane, and also means higher
glare levels for oncoming traffic..."

Best Wishes,

'86 5KCSTQ