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re: radio question

Phil Payne wrote:

>In message <v03110708b07d647d7b7c@[]> Phil and Judy Rose
>> BTW, has anyone posted a rewiring of this setup so that the radio will be
>> "automatically" shut off with the ignition? It's one of my least-favorite
>> Audi idiosyncracies.
>Originally it was deliberate.  Early 'advanced' radios forgot their
presets if 
>you cut power to them, and the only safe way to control them was via their
>'off' switch.  Separate power to keep memories alive is a fairly new idea.

I think it was a originally decision based on something other than presets.
I owned a VAG product (original Rabbit) in the mid-70s that had mechanical
presets (ie pushbuttons) and always had electrical power.

I also vaguely recall that Bugs had power to the radio at all times...

Maybe the German engineers figured they'd like to sit and smooch on dates
(witness the Avant ad) with the radio on... :)