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Re: Which Quattro to buy?

Jeff Fithian wrote:
> I know this is kind of an open-ended question, but I'm considering
> buying an Audi and am split between an A4 1.8TQ, an A4 2.8Q, or maybe a
> used S4 or even S6.  Any comments on the relative pros and cons?
> Experiences?  <snip>
> Thanks
> Jeff
A4 Good news, Bad news.
Was hoping for a miracle though A4 brochure told me otherwise.
Saw the A4 Avant w/Tiptronic, sports pkg last Saturday and test drove it
yesterday.  Beautiful car, great fit/finish and what a blast to drive. .
. Can't make any comparison between 97/98 2.8 motors, but there's
plenty-o-guts in the 98 motor:)

Interior room.  I spent about 5 minutes trying to adjust the driver's
seat to suit me (6', 190lb). With sunroof, there's less than 1"
headroom. With driver seat adjusted, I barely and very uncomfortably fit
in the rear seat (behind driver). Sales rep then adjusted driver's seat
to a position similar to Mercury Astronaut's takeoff position.  "See,
now there's plenty of "headroom". Yeah, and I need to tilt head down 15
degrees to see the road. $36+K for a neck/back ache, I don't think so.

Knowing my driving (go fast, but safe, especially in the corners, when
alone) and need for rear seat space to haul clients and teens the A4
fills 50% of the need to maximum.  There's just not enough room for my
purposes:(  But previous A4 drives and brochure told me so.
Still hoping for a miracle.
MJ Murphy
89 100
Maybe without the sunroof . . .