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Re: Flow

In a message dated 97-10-30 12:24:24 EST, you write:

<< Conclusion?  Don't have one yet.  But, seems like we have exceptional
intercooler work / fuel system work, that is a given.  Hmmmm.  Maybe the
turbo ain't what one thinks it is?  Back to my think tank I go....
Conclusion is, someone should confirm that 26psi is the boost.  I don't think
it is or can be, and Dave can show that IC efficiency isn't the answer.  So
WHAT is?    Furthermore a test of Eric's car vs Ross Espisito (remember his
was fast too) might prove that they have efffectively done the same thing.
 Given RE has used the RS2 and a larger IC, I argue that he will be faster,
with the same (assuming here) 2.50PR.  Testing those two egos, could prove
very entertaining as well.

2.5PR on a 2.5 PT car gives 21.75 psi of boost,  regardless of efficiencies,
that's a lot of boost pressure, THAT IS WHAT FAST IS.

Don't make this a bigger project than it is.  By definition of a RS2 map, all
other things being equal, you can't beat the RS2 TURBO MAP by math on a 136CI
engine, I don't care WHAT you assume all the other numbers to be.  The answer
is LOWER PR with higher efficiencies give lower DR.  That math you can't
argue with.  Fast?  Whatever, it should just show that it could be faster
with the same egt, fuel, mods WHATEVER you want to do with the rest of the
car doesn't change the hot side of the turbine for sizing purposes.  On a
136CI 2vpc head, Play with the CI in the equation, great.  Playing with the
VE doesn't change the turbine here, by math or MAP.