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Re: Engine physics - who cares?

>skip to the next message in the digest.  Granted, Phil and others pay by
>the byte, and I apologize if I minimize that issue--i'm afraid i can't

Depending where they are geographically located, there are plenty of
Internet Providers that provide a flat rate for service.  MCI for example,
provides North American service for a cool $19.95 a month, unlimited
internet access, and a 2MB mailbox.  That means, your box only holds 2MB at
a time, but if you grab your mail often with Eudora or something like that,
you'll never hit the limitation, or least most likely not.  I did hit it once.

Frederic Breitwieser
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Bridgeport, CT 06606
1989 AG Hummer 4-Door
1993 Supercharged Lincoln Continental
2000 Mid-Engine Sports Car <smile>

Seeking info on: Audi 5k Locking Diffs, Audi 5k trans bolt pattern, and
17x11" rims.