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Re: Flow

In a message dated 97-10-30 12:24:24 EST, you write:

<< I understand the assumptions that are being made [I think], I also
understand what the BMEP has to do with what we drive.  But, the million
dollar question then is:  Why is this car so fu*king fast?  I know, I know, my
ass is not calibrated and all that, but seriously, this has me intrigued.  I
have ridden in a 5series with the stock RS2 turbo and Stage II, don't know
what else if anything was done but this seemed way better.  Now, I understand
how you can build a motor for short-term, high maintanence life [btdt x
2much].  But, the idiot in me keeps coming back to the egt's.  Whatever those
numbers do not mean, they do mean the motor is getting plenty of fuel / dense
air, no?  Now, could you have an over-rich condition and see this?  Maybe.  I
saw [felt] no evidence of that.
That's not a fair comparo.  A stage II box gives a PR of 2.0, for a turbo that
should have a PR of 2.5....  Assuming the stock IC, you are actually choking
the RS2 output.  

21.75 PSI is 21.75 PSI, lots have done it with even the stock k26 Bruce, and
it's darn quick.  I've been in a 5ktq of RS2 fame, that is also darn quick, it
has all the fuel mods, and is REALLY fast as well.  

And let's not forget Ross in this either.  His car has been claimed to be
really fast as well.  Fuel to CFM is not a rocket science exercise either.
That is basic math as well.  I could calculate it out for ya, but who cares,
it's not an issue.