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NorCal A4 Owner's Club

Hello everyone,
For anyone who might be interested and not aware of its existence a group of A4 owners in Northern California have formed an unofficial A4 club.  We are about to hold our third event on November 15 in Palo Alto/Mountainview.  We get together to talk Audis and A4s and admire everyones cars.  This event is our third and we have arranged for Carlsen Audi in Palo Alto to meet with us and discuss ownership and service issues.  We'll even be putting an A4 up on a rack for a closer view of the suspension.
Anyone who is interested is welcome regardless of whether you own an A4 or not.
Please check my website for details about this and our past events or email me with any questions. 
Sean Griffin
97 1.8Tqm

Seans A4 Page: