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Re: seat heater (& mystery box)

Paul R Anderson wrote:
> Wait a minute.  An accelerometer won't tell you if you're moving.  It
> will only tell you if you're accelerating or decelerating (in any
> direction).
> It would have to be extremely sensitive.  Can someone shed a little
> more light on this subject for me?

Absolutely correct. I design them for living. As well as their other 
incarnation -- tilt and gravity sensors.
One of my inventions -- a *Roll Insensitive Inclinometer* -- controls a 
boring machine, that digs 150mm communication tunnels under Greater London. 
This device reads pitch and yaw of the boring tool, while ignoring the steady 
rotation about the axis of propagation.

The state of steady motion technicaly is the same as the state of rest (the  
First Law of Newton).

Igor Kessel
I am the dude in the shirt up top the page :)