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Re: Heating Charge Air

In a message dated 97-10-31 01:21:52 EST, S.O.c. eloquently proses:
>Then I invite you if you REALLY know what has been done, and I doubt that
>do post it up.
Why don't you?  Randall guarantees you aren't going to sell them to the List,
this group of idiots (see below) that we are.

>Here's the problem with theis whole thing..... NONE of you know what has
>done on my car.  NONE of you.  

>What a group of idiots.............
Archives Search does show what S.O.c. CLAIMED, however:

 *  Chip mods give 26psi in 2nd thru 5th - 10/25/97
 *  Chip mods give 16+psi in 1st gear - 10/25/97
 *  .5psi PD accross modded IC - 10/16/97
 *  1325 EGT - 10/25/97
 *  Stock WG spring - 10/28/97
 *  "...An RSR turbo, a Ned Ritchie turbo, blows the RS2 into the weeds" -
 *  "... the car now will outrun just about any other MC engine around.
     Especially any of the "Rs2" wannabe's......... - 10/25/97

Simply stated, given what you posted above, it doesn't matter WHAT you did,
WHERE does that correct my OR Dave L.'s  math?  It doesn't.  The very first
number is all we really needed.  Given the calibrated aircraft pressure guage
in your car, we assume there to be little error in that number.

Numbers man, argue the numbers, please stop insulting the list and using the
"but I'm a special case" argument to Physics and Math, one you yourself has
lambasted many here for doing exactly the same thing.  Both Dave and I are
willing to forward our rambling B.S. fantasies to any engine/turbo tuner you
want to review our calculations.  The physics has nothing to do with your
mods, only your modus.  So Documented.  

Scott Justusson, RS2 wannabe
'87 5ktqwRS2
'87 5ktq
'86 5ktqw
'84 Urq