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Re: A4 A6

In a message dated 97-10-30 21:39:05 EST, DaveSenu@aol.com writes:

<< Any one have a recent experience on discounts from msrp on A4 30v and a6
 cars?  best I can tell gm is about 11% with 0% holdback
 What kind of average selling price is doable.?
 any feedback is appreciated as I want try to close a deal soon >>

Why not try an Auto-By-Tel inquiry, or some similar service?  Costs nothing,
no obligation.  I just leased two new cars last month, both after using
Auto-By-Tel to get a reference price.  I leased the Audi through the
Auto-By-Ttel dealer and the Pontiac through a dealer who met the Auto-By-Tel
dealer's price and had a better match to my equipment preferences.

In both cases, the price worked out to $100 over true invoice and I was abvle
to do some horse trading on the money factors, deposits, and other fees.  Key
point to remember: It's _all_ negotiable.

No affiliation, but it works for me.