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5KTQ IC specs

Ok boys and girls

Gather round to hear all the numbers for the IC dimensions as requested by
DeWitt Harrison.  You guys do the math!

I have a bare core w/o tanks from an '86 5ktq. These are for the core only 
Everything in inches

 It measures:

Length 13.75

width (tall)  7.5

deep (thick)   3.25

Viewed from front (look in your grill) there are 13 rows of tubes.  Each
tube 5/16 apart from the other.  There are fins in between each tube.

View from the side you see there are two rows of 13. So there are 23 tubes

Each tube is 1 5/16x1/4 so they are kind of a flat oval.  Inside each tube
there are 5 pairs of fins. 

So we have 23 tubes with inner fins. Lots of inner fins.

The inlet and outlet tubes are 2.25

The dead end cap is 7.5x3.25 and 2.5 deep

The in/out cap is 7.5x3.25x 3.5 deep.  The divider that halves this cap has
the divider just about in the middle.

Now, see page 49 in the "book o'Bell"  Corkys' book which by now we have
all dog eared.  Our IC most resembles the extruded-tube core.

See page 57 fig.5-16 for more good Audi news.

See page 59 fig 5-20 for a little disappointment.  If only we had room. 
Anybody want to ditch the front motor mount?

See page 60 fig 5-22 for what to do with the end cap when modding to single

Thats it.  As they say, do the math. And when you have found some IC
efficiency numbers, please share with others.