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Re: A Real idiot

Then I invite you if you REALLY know what has been done, and I doubt
that you
do post it up.

Here's the problem with theis whole thing..... NONE of you know what has
done on my car.  NONE of you.  

As has been thoroughly documented, it doesn't matter what you did to
your car,
all the hubbub is about the claims that you made about how your car
It can be proven mathematically, that something just isn't right. One
has been that you are running an Audi 2.2L 10v MC engine, if this isn't
the case
please correct me. If you've got a 3.0l 951 engine under the hood then
the numbers
stated wouldn't apply to your car, but are applicable to all the other
MC engines
listers have running. Then, I hope, they gained some insight into how
their engine 
runs through this exercise. I know you are running some turbo engine,
say what it
is and I will do the math for you, who knows, maybe through blind luck
you picked
the right turbo that actually works on your motor. So what is it 2.2L
Audi, 2.5L Audi, 
1.8l Audi, 2.5L 951, 3.0L951, V-6 Buick GNx, Volvo I5, maybe 2.0L mitsu,

What a group of idiots.............
Talk about calling the kettle black...

I haven't performed any slams through this whole discussion, just
presented sound
mathematical examples of how a turbo engine functions. For this I am
labeled an 
idiot, no STEADIboy, I think idiot wannabe is more appropriate.
Dave Lawson,  idiot wannabe