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So Slow

Hi everybody!,
Saw somebody talk about 300+ hp from a basically stock 2.2 5cyl block. I dont
know that I want to go there but having the ability to do 0-60 in less than
an hour sure would be nice, not to mention doing something over 90mph, not on
the street of course...
I've got an 85 4kq with 150k on it. It runs great, idles great, gets good gas
mileage(23-24mpg), doesnt smoke, belch, cough, or otherwise do anything to
tell me anything is wrong. It's got new plugs, wires, cap, rotor, fuel
filter, and after an accidently removed ECU fuse (by me) my mechanic tweaked
the snot out of the FI, found the fuse problem, wrang my neck, and the car
has never ran better. I'm capable of doing a lot of mechanical work, so I'm
looking for what everyone is looking for: Bolt-on, do-it-yourself,
in-expensive, go-fast. Got any ideas?

Boomsday@aol.com (Rich)
1985 4kq
1989 jetta gli 16v
1961 beetle
1988 saab 9000s
1983 scirocco