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Invoice vs. Real Price of Audis - subject was: A4 A6

It was asked:
>> Any one have a recent experience on discounts from msrp on A4 30v and a6

And a reply regarding Auto-by-Tel stated:
>>In both cases, the price worked out to $100 over true invoice and I was 

I'm not so sure that the true invoice price quoted by Edmunds, Kelly Blue 
Book, etc.
are really true invoice prices.

The local Audi dealer was offering a $39,880 A6Q for $33,880 - $6000 off of 
Carlsen Audi in California was selling FWD A6s for $7250 off of MSRP.

Both Edmunds and Kelly Blue Book have Audi invoice prices at approximately 
below MSRP and they both state that there are no known holdbacks.  Further,
Edmund's posts manufacturer to dealer incentives on their web site and I've 
seen an Audi incentive posted.  I find it hard to believe that Carlsen was 
selling a
car for $3250 below its own cost.  What is the difference between the invoice 
and the true dealer cost - keeping in mind that I haven't read anywhere of 
any known
dealer holdbacks for Audis.

If anyone has an explanation for these differences in prices, I'd be 
interested in knowing.