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Re: FORWARD Directions

I am all for moving forward, even if I "...am going for the exception".

The baseline numbers you have calculated are based, correct me if I am wrong, on stock CI and stock valve, no?  Now, if you [Scott?] want to lump me with Eric and Randall in my questions [ie., if CR is sooo high, and density so poor, how do you get 1325 egt's yet not run rich?], so be it, as a guy could do much worse, IMHO.

As Scott so aptly repeats, fast is a relative term.  But, Scott, this poster is not some 16 yr old w/ wood because he got grandma's car to spin the tires in the rain.  Frankly, the argument could be made, based on other toys and cars I have owned that no, in fact, Eric's car was not fast, neither is Carl's or Ross' or yours for that matter---that is unless one of them breaks out at a 10.25 quarter.  What I should have said is:  Whatever Eric has done to his car has been done very well because it consistently ran hard and was quite quick,  throughout the gears, for an Audi, IN MY OPINION.    

I am finished with this subject now.