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Re: tools for 4ks fuel sys work

>  # They have a kit for Bosch CIS too. More like $50 to $60...
>  # You'll want a _very long_ 3mm allen wrench and either a dwell meter
>  # or a VOM for setting the mixture.  (These wrenches are < $3 at any
>  # _decent_ hardware store eg Tacoma Screw Products for those of us
>  # in the Seattle Tacoma area.)
>  # 
> ... I was going to make a similar suggestion, but then I realized that 
> he was talking about a non-turbo motor.  The CIS-E system in these cars
> has an electro-hydraulic actuator for which Bentley describes the diag-
> nosis.  To do this you will need a DMM with a 20mA scale and an adapter
> that allows the ammeter to be added in series with the EHA.

OK, I dug back and it's an '86, so you're right.  I said 'or VOM'
because I didn't see the year and the earlier 4k did have the 
frequency valve.

> there is a lister who has details on these adapters and can provide 
> details as to connector part numbers and how such an adapter could be 
> built.  

You can go poke around a junkyard and find the appropriate connectors
and make the adapter.